We carry amazing hair care products from Hairdreams and Phillip Pelusi.


Designed with your hair in mind, these hair care products offer exceptional quality of ingredients and are formulated for your specific hair care needs.
Our knowledgeable staff can recommend the hair products that are right for your hair.

Hairdreams hair care products

We carry all the Hairdreams hair care products you’ll need to keep your hair style and hair extensions looking great! The Hairdreams hair care product line is specifically tailored to the needs of long hair and hair extensions. Hairdreams products help generate a brilliant, silky shine, optimum manageability and a healthy, natural appearance to the hair. Hairdreams products include everything you need for the perfect care of hair extensions – from hair-type specific shampoo to the conditioning fluid used for the ends and the special Hairdreams brush. Stop by the Lyndia Willis Hair Spa to pick up your Hairdreams products.

Phillip Pelusi hair care products

Lyndia Willis Hair Spa is one of the first salons to be a concept salon and is proud to carry the new Phillip Pelusi product line of all-natural hair care products to help you smooth and strengthen your hair. Phillip Pelusi hair products are focused on providing your hair with the natural ingredients and elements it needs to stay healthy. We offer help for home and classes in styling from the use of our Philip Pelusi products. Phillip Pelusi hair care products reflect and support a holistic, organic approach to cutting hair. Their product research and development team has taken the time to re-formulate their already top of the line professional hair care products.

Hairdreams and Phillip Pelusi hair care products