Ashley Flicker

I am the owner of 360 Dance, where I am an instructor and a choreographer. My everyday life can be so stressful and demanding, but when I walk into Lyndia Willis Hair Spa all of that comes off my shoulders. I feel refreshed. The experience here is always positive, always fun and I feel loved. It takes you from everyday life into a fairy tale land. I have been coming here for about two years. I try to come at least once a week since having beautiful hair makes me feel younger. Mike makes me feel real and not like he is trying to sell me something. I believe in him. I am always in front of a lot of people and having my hair look amazing allows me to have that self-confidence that I need.

Claire Butler

I am a director of public relations and external sales at I am competing in Miss KY USA in January 2017. I have been coming to see Mike and Lyndia since I was a little girl. They helped me learn to walk and get my wardrobe together and helped me transition into growing up. One thing that I focus on is self-confidence and presenting myself strongly. They have always helped me create that look and image of myself that I wanted and needed. They help me radiate confidence and make sure that I feel like the best version of myself. They have helped me “brand” myself and identify to others onstage. It has been an amazing ride with them and they have probably been the best support system I could have.

Shawna Tilton

I am part of a property management company and I also sell real estate. I have been coming to the salon for approximately three years. Coming here has changed my life in so many ways. When I first came to the salon I felt so feminine. It gave me the vitalization and rejuvenation that I needed and the confidence to be myself again which exudes into my sales.

Jennifer Stein

I am Vice President of regional merchandise planning and store development for the Casper Group. I have been coming to Lyndia Willis Salon for almost four years. I say that this salon is LA Cool with a New York edge, but they are not pretentious. The Salon’s environment and the intimate setting makes it very comfortable, you always feel better when you leave than when you walked in. When you have curly dark hair like mine you have to have really good color because I have a lot of gray and they always know what to do to fix it. It gives me a lot of self-confidence!

Julie Zale

I am a busy stay at home Mom. I have been coming to see Mike for about three years. Lyndia Willis Salon not only cares about your hair but cares about you as a person and you feel like you have made a friend. Mike sees me once a week for a blowout which not only gives me more self-confidence but allows me more free time to spend with my children.